Thursday, September 20, 2012

23 weeks till my birthday!

So, as you may have noticed, I'm new to the blog format and new to the structure and discipline it takes to actually do what I write about. Reasons for starting this thing in the first place. I wanted a forum that forced me to get some old stuff done. And so far, it hasn't really worked. Life got in the way and some of my projects were just too big. I've reevaluated the list and decided to scale down and be more realistic. I've taken off a few things that I want to save for the future (31 Before I turn 31 possibly...). I've also taken off a few things that I decided were not really worth my time. And two things that I did and did not document. doh! So here is the revised list. And as my title states, it is 23 weeks (counting this one) until my 30th birthday so there are still 23 projects to do. That is one or two projects per week, but I'm optimistic. I pared down the "wish list" and stuck to the things that I already have started or things that I need no new supplies for. I realized that some projects (like painting a 6 foot tall cabinet or reupholstering a chair) required money to finish and that I have none of! So here's hoping I can remember to take photos and can actually get things done! Hoorah!

1.  Repair Maxi Dress and Gold skirt
2.  T-shirt Quilt
3.  Grayson’s PJ Pants
4.  Yellow Seersucker Dress
5.  Polka dot hat
6.  Cowboy shirt
7.  Arthur's Hoodie
8.  Owl Quilt
9.  Gingham shirt
10. Cloth Diapers
11. Lyndsey’s MASH Pillow
12. Laura's Dress
13. 2 pairs green corduroy pants
14. Chiffon Shirt
15. Owl Softies and Monster Softie
16. Pizza Pincushions
17. Blue Plaid Cowboy Shirtdress
18. Turquoise Jacket
19. Black and White Dress and Navy polka dot skirt
20. Shopping Cart/High Chair cover
21. Corduroy Jacket Repair and Arthur’s Crib Sheet
22. Arthur's Embroidered Wall Art
23. Grayson's Diaper Bag
24. Dressing Robe
25. Coral Embroidery
26. 4 Purse repairs and Undies
27. Camel Halter top

p.s. the posts about #2 the T-Shirt Quilt and #20 The Shopping Cart Cover are coming. I'm just terrible at taking pictures in a timely fashion.  

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