Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pizza Pincushions

So, this whole 30 Before 30 project is about finishing things that have been unfinished for years. And training myself to blog and sew regularly. So here is my first, let's face it, easy project to get everything started. I made a pair of pajama pants in college with this fabric. I kept seeing it in the fabric store and when it finally went on sale I couldn't wait to get it home and make some comfy sleep jams out of it! But there were all these oddly shaped leftovers that I couldn't figure out what to do with. Inspiration hit in the form of cutting out the little pizza slices and making them into pincushions! Here's how I did it:

left over pizza fabric
I cut out all the pizza shapes and coordinating felt backs

lay right sides together and stitch, leaving a small opening

trim seams and snip corners



(back view)

hand stitch top closed


finished pin cushion!
Ta-dah! Aren't they adorable? I have about 15 of them, so I think I'll just take them to the next craft show and sell 'em for $2. Get out of my house! Get out of my crazy stash of craziness! Au Revoir!

Next: T-Shirt Quilt.

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