Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A New Start

Well, it seems that I've been pretty absent from this blog since February. FEBRUARY! Sheesh. I've been working around the clock to get things going with "the business", doing shows and making aprons. I am reevaluating my 30 before 30 project, I decided after months and months to abandon a few from the list and replace them with some more appropriate things that need to be done. I'm going to attempt to finish the T-Shirt Quilt this weekend...since I started it in February and all my projects are supposed to take two weeks, I guess I should finish it sometime soon! Ha! Life does get in the way of like sometimes doesn't it?

So here's to new beginnings, again! And for your time, here are a couple of photos from my latest craft show, fEASTival Nashville 2012.

 My booth all set up and waiting for customers! The dress on the dressform is one of my new "designs". I have a collection of vintage clothing patterns, and I've recently decided to pull them out and actually make the adorable dresses and pants and jumpsuits using the vintage sheets I've found for my aprons. This blue and green one turned out AMAZING. I'll post more about it at a future date.

Here are a few of the aprons made out of shirts hanging on their little clothes line, gently blowing in the wind...

And the lovely jewels made by Mrs. Natalia for Sadovina Jewelry. She ever so kindly came out to keep me and my booth company durning fEASTival.

And of course. The best lunch ever. The famous East Nasty from Biscuit Love, the best biscuit food truck ever. So, so good.

That's all the news for now. Check back soon for more updates and projects and aprons!

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